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West Street Live

Lost Garden West Street Live June 2015 Danse Society

Illuminated by a couple of 60 watt bulbs it wasn’t easy to snap Lost Garden when they played at West Street Live in Sheffield on June 26th.  The venue tries to put on live music most evenings which is great, but having booked Danse Society to play, and dragging them all the way from Liverpool, you might have thought it was worth telling someone about the event!  Not even a hand scribbled poster on the window.  Anyhow, Lost Garden were invited to open the proceedings, and it was interesting to hear them incorporating some drum patterns and other more aggressive elements into the sound, perhaps mindful of the hard core goths who did turn up for the show.  Danse Society?  They were astonishingly loud (and I speak as someone who saw Deep Purple when they were still officially the loudest rock band in the world!) which rather took the shine off it for us, although you have to say they seemed to have it all together.

Waiting game

The Lost Garden CD album has arrived, and the limited edition fold out digipak looks good. The band signed a box of copies for all the pre-orders (and a few extra if you are quick). Any pre-orders will ship on the 24th. Lost Garden are planning some local shows in unusual venues both to promote the release and support indie shops. Dates will be published shortly.


Pre order CDs


The first two titles of our relaunch can now be pre-ordered.  CHICKENLEGS WEAVER is due to ship at the end of February. LOST GARDEN’S debut CD will ship in March. Both titles are packaged in exclusive art six panel digipak covers for a limited time.  They are also priced at a discount for a while.  As an added bonus, ALL orders for LOST GARDEN will be signed by the two musicians for a limited period.  You can pre-order the CDs from our approved mail order outlet now.  In store release dates will be announced shortly.

T-shirts for the artists will also be available soon, available to wear in the North East now or the rest of the UK in the summer!

Gig in town

Lost Garden have lined up a new venue to play; Eten, a cafe / bistro / tearoom next door to Sheffield Cathedral. We dropped in for some hot choccy after a gig at the Cathedral last year and had a guided tour of the performance area upstairs. They haven’t really ventured into the “experimental” musical field, so we’re hoping it will be a success and help establish a superb City-centre venue.
Alongside us will be Inclusion Principle, featuring Martin Archer – laptop, woodwinds, Hervé Perez – laptop, woodwinds, Peter Fairclough – drums and percussion, and afterwards, we hope, a chance to play together – always an exctiing prospect!
Keep an eye on the site for details of the show or join our mailing list.

Cololedon excerpt

outer-cover-lowresNick from Lost Garden writes:

As a teenager, I loved the Pink Floyd “Relics” compilation, especially the final track, Cirrus Minor, which always took me with it as it faded. So, for Cotoledon, we decided to have a similarly reflective final track, which also has musical references to the opening track. Here’s the final minute or so, featuring the inimitable vocals of Frostlake.

The track is called “Zasada” and is dedicated to Krys Zasada, a musician I was just getting to know in a band when cancer took him from us earlier this year.