ANDY WEAVER‘s final studio album SOMETIME MAN is now available.   Andy’s final offering is a fine tribute and well worth listening to.  You can find out more about Andy’s music on the site.

sometime_manAndy “Chicken Legs” Weaver – Sometime Man
English Electric CSA 322

1   Crazy Dawn
2   Ezzalee
3   Falling Lane
4   (God’s Gonna) Cut You Down
5   Me and the Devil
6   Shadow Factory
7   Sometime Man
8   Susie’s Pantry
9   Treat a Stranger Right
10 Codeine
11 Central Line
12 Mysterious Ways
13 Rolling Sea
14 Ain’t No Grave

Buy it now from here.

The LOST GARDEN debut “Cotyledon” is now available to buy. You can find out more about this exciting electronic duo on the site under the ARTISTS menu above.

cotyledon_cover1Lost Garden – Cotyledon
English Electric CSA304

1 tacenda
2 incandescant with dreams
3 evocative gleanings
4 hushful
5 zugzwang
6 a wheady mile
7 kairos
8 zasada (featuring Frostlake on vocals)

Buy it now from here.

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