Stephen Fellows

Steven Fellows / Mood X
CSA 301

Steve Fellows - Mood X1) Whoosh, Pt. I 2) T4/17 3) Celeste 4) Open 5) Take 4 6) Waves 7) Space Chords II 8) Satie I 9) Shimmer 10) XPT 1 11) Backwards 12) Voices I 13) Lighter 14) Ring Modulator 15) Whoosh, Pt. II

Before folding the Comsat Angels – a band that produced several classic albums influencing many of todays acts, Fellows started making tapes of loop-heavy guitar improvisations. Initially done for his own amusement, he soon realized that he had compiled quite an impressive amount of material. He selected 50 minutes worth of music from 13 hours of recordings, to produce Mood X for the label. Released in digipak format. No longer in catalogue (Steve has the material available for download purchase online) but we do have a few ex-German warehouse CD copies at our online shop.