Nachthexen, English Electric Records

Dan and James are NACHTHEXEN.

They teamed up in 2015 to forge a new music, bringing together elements of industrial and psych rock style to their work which quickly progressed into more finished demo recordings.

NACHTHEXEN are based in Sheffield. Dan went to work for one of the national charities after attending Sheffield University and met James who was volunteering in one of the charity’s shops, and they became friends. Discovering they were both interested in literature and music, they began contributing to each other’s personal projects before deciding to work together on a more focused basis.

James (Hudson) is a native of Sheffield, and developed his love of guitar through his father. Dan (Humble) is also a Northerner and hails from the county of Durham in the North East. He sings and plays drums, with a musical heritage which dates back as far as his great-grandfather who played piano accompaniment to silent films in the cinema.

Nachthexen, English Electric Records

This is the first intense music project for both musicians, though Dan has recorded before with a Sheffield band called Elston Majeska who issued a single some time back.

The pair have been developing the NACHTHEXEN sound for around a year now. James writes and plays lead guitar and bass parts. He uses a custom-built Ibanez RG1527 7-string with 36 frets, and a 6 string fretless bass. Daniel has recorded all the drum parts for the demos using an Alesis DM6 kit and a Roland snare head and utilising Battery drum sampler via Logic Audio 9. He does all the vocals and writes the lyrics.

Their infuences would fill a sheet on its own; James’ favourite guitarists range from Akira Takasaki to Uli Jon Roth, Victor Smolski and Vinnie Moore, while the bands he listens to cover everything from Boris to Weltenbrand.

Daniel cites musical influences as diverse as The Pixies and The Beatles; Joni Mitchell to The Fall.

Right now NACHTHEXEN are developing their demo recordings and rehearsing (with the help of other players) to transition their often complex material to a point where they can perform live together. They aim to bring in more musicians to enable them to deliver a dynamic show.

Rather than rush into anything, the first record is likely to be an EP. They are also working on visuals for the stage show and online videos.

Nachthexen, English Electric Records
Right : James. Centre : Dan. Left : Nick from English Electric lending a hand.

English Electric first heard NACHTHEXEN in 2015 after being recommended by a friend. Simon at the label says “This is one of those all too rare demos where had I heard it on the radio, I would have been straight out to buy the record. I can see where they are coming from but they have managed to stamp their own identity all over the material which is rare these days. I’m as guilty as anyone of getting too excited by some new music, so I put the disc away and then went back a few weeks later to see if that rush was still there for me. It was.”

After a couple of meetings, English Electric signed the band with the aim of releasing an album and helping them make the journey to the live stage.

Audio links available soon.

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