Andy Weaver Music Award

When Andy moved to London in 2008 he planned to concentrate on his musical career and he did indeed continue to perform throughout his four years there. There were, however, different experiences waiting for him in Hillingdon.

He found real joy and satisfaction in his work as a teacher at Meadow High School. This was a place he felt instantly at home and one where his great gifts with people, words and music helped to inspire those around him to be the best they could be.

This Award is not just to commemorate Andy’s time in Hillingdon it is also to celebrate the unique community that is Meadow High.

The proposal of the award is to support the development of the musical skills and possibilities of the students at Meadow High School. Students that show the ability to explore their musical potential should be supported by this award. The idea of the award is that it provides extra musical training to a student that has shown initiative and dedication. This training should be wide ranging and actively support the needs of the students who are striving to develop their musical abilities. This could range from peripatetic individualised musical support for specific musical instruments to online training for practical world of work musical skills e.g. instrument building skills. This award will be given annually at Christmas. Andy’s family would like the opportunity to review the nominees and discuss the support to be given before a final decision is made.

The award has been handcrafted by Andy’s close friend, colleague and mentor.

The Andy Weaver Music Award

Donations to The Andy Weaver Music Award at Meadow High School can be made by arrangement with the school: Meadow High School, Royal Lane, Hillingdon, Middlesex. UB8 3QU
Telephone: 01895 443310